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55, Anmol Building,
Prashant Society,
Behind Krishna Hospital,
Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune- 411 029
Cell : 988 123 4444
Tel : +91-20-25434622 / 25434632


Plot No 11, Prasad,
Beuty Layout, Laxmi Nagar,
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Our Model:

01)    We will teach 10 programs on Campus TV

02)    We will mostly use curated readymade open source contents.

03)    We will provide a discussion forum on each course.

04)    The Course Coordinator/Trainer will answer question in a pre recorded format.

05)    We may plan a Campus TV presentation using YouTube or Twitter to answer session at the end of the course.

06)    The student will be given attendance certificates.

07) Whenever possible we may conduct assessments and give Certificates and Reward Points on Smart Cookie/Protsahan Bharati Platform with AICTE.

08)    We will teach College Students on how to create and run a Online Training Program on Campus TV.

09)    Those who learn how to run Campus TV will get appropriate Certificates.

10)    We will offer training to teachers who want to create their own Training Programs.

11)    Our interns will help the teachers in creating and running the training programs.

12)    The teachers are welcome to participate in the assessment process too.

13)    Teachers will also get Thank Q points via Smart Cookie/Protsahan Bharati.

14)    Similar training will be offered on Campus Radio.

15)    If the University/Colleges want to implement 360 degree Feedback program, we will offer a training programs and internships for the same.


Here are some of the ideas of the training programs

1.    Free Programs : On Campus Radio, Campus TV

a.     Technical : 21 Hours 0r 51 hours

                                                    i.     IT

1.    Introduction to DEVOPs

2.    Front End

a.     HTML

b.    CSS

c.     BootStrap

d.    Java Script

3.    Introduction to programming

a.     PHP/Laravel

b.    DOT NET ..

c.     Android ..

4.    Testing Process

                                                  ii.     Electronics ?

1.    Circuit board design

2.    Sensors

3.    Microprocessors

4.    Communication Protocols

                                                iii.     Mechanical ?

1.    Autocad

                                                iv.     Electrical ?

1.    None

                                                  v.     Civil

1.    None

b.    Non Technical

                                                    i.     Arts

                                                  ii.     Commerce

                                                iii.     Management

1.    HR

a.     Recruiting

b.    Training and Placement

c.     Motivation

d.    Performance Evaluation

2.    Marketing

a.     Digital Marketing

3.    Finance

4.    Business Operation Management

a.     Project Management

5.    IT Management

                                                iv.     Masscom

1.    Blogging

2.    PR

3.    Journalism

4.    Public Speaking

                                                  v.     Media

1.    Internet Radio

a.     Campus Radio Management

b.    Team Formation and Training

c.     Content Creation

d.    Content Sourcing

e.    Audio Editing

f.      Legal

g.     Business development

                                                                                                                i.     Ad Sales

                                                                                                              ii.     Ad Creation

h.    Program creation

2.    Internet TV

a.     TV Station Management

b.    TV Programming

                                                                                                                i.     37 TV Channels

c.     Team Formation and Training

d.    Content Creation

e.    Content Sourcing

f.      Audio Editing

g.     Legal

h.    Business development

                                                                                                                i.     Ad Sales

                                                                                                              ii.     Ad Creation

                                                vi.     Web Research

                                              vii.     Design

1.    Photoshop

2.    Pencil

                                             viii.     Presentation

1.    Video Scribe

c.     IBharati

d.    Readers and Elders

e.    Home Health Care

f.      Food

                                                    i.     Agricultural

                                                  ii.     Seeds

                                                iii.     Cooking

                                                iv.     Manufacturing

                                                  v.     Packing

                                                vi.     Selling

2.    Paid Programs

a.     Advanced Programming

b.    … To be determined later.

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I joined Startup World and now got employed
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I joined Startup World and now got employed
as a Software Developer.

I joined Startup World and now got employed
as a Software Developer.

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